About iQIYI

iQIYI—A Provider of High-quality Video Services Based in China

iQIYI is a technology company and also an entertainment company. Driven by technological innovations, iQIYI distinguishes it from other players in the industry by reducing entertainment costs and thus enabling its users to enjoy their time on the platform in a more economical and efficient way.

Since it was launched on April 22, 2010, iQIYI has developed a large and highly engaged user base across borders. Known for its youthful and stylish brand image as well as its commitment to high-quality services, the company constantly breaks new ground across many fields including video technology, content producing, etc.

iQIYI was listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “IQ” on March 29, 2018. As a versatile entertainment platform, the company straddles e-commerce, comics, Internet literature, Internet games, ticketing and short videos, etc.

Why Us

China's largest video platform with 205 million daily active users and 696 million monthly active users.

Expertise in video solutions powered by industry-leading AI, big data analytics and other proprietary technologies.

Powerful and flexible enough to deliver immersive video experience.

205 million

696 million


iQIYI Video Service

Ten-year Dedication to Video Tech


More than 50 AI-powered features, including video production and distribution, help facilitate precision marketing.


Big data analytics, including multi-dimensional data indicators, massive computing capacity, real-time data collection, modeling and analysis, provides crucial user insight and serves as a driving force for marketing and product optimization.


iQIYI's powerful cloud computing, which supports billion-level DAU, T-level bandwidth reservation and global video distribution network, helps start your business.


iQIYI's 5G plus optimization algorithm reduce the latency to millisecond, enable fast and efficient encoding and decoding, and support features like 3D audio, 8K video, etc., which brings your audience immersive experience.

iQIYI Professional Services

Dedicated Account Manager
Expert consultation support
24x7x365 Support

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